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The Project

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Client Overview

Outline is a London fashion brand based in Camden. As a new brand, they needed a suitable ecommerce online presence that mingled style with powerful functionality.


The main deliverables for this project were:

  • Information Architecture
  • Wireframes
  • UI Design
  • UI Development
  • Magento Integration


Setting the Tone

As a predominantly visual brand, Outline asked us to create a set of concept compositions to demonstrate our aesthetic understanding of their company.


The easiest and most time-efficient way of presenting our findings was to create a suite of wireframes, complete with a GUI library, from which most content needs could be addressed quickly.

UI Design

Modern Aesthetic

The site's visual direction is quintessentially London, with type set in the "English Helvetica" Gill Sans, and soft colour palettes bursting with warmth. The use of negative space was essential, as it helped define paler colours and garments on the page.

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