Chivas Brothers Campaign & UI/UX Design

The Project

Client Overview

Chivas Brothers is a multinational alcoholic drinks company, and a subsidiary of Pernod Ricard, the second largest distilled spirits company in the world. It's the home of brands like Beefeater Gin, Ballantine's Whiskey, and The Glenlivet Single Malt.

Chivas wanted a new platform which was as engaging for staff as it was for consumers. We pitched a concept that considered both the operational level staff with little access to the internet, and strategic staff who worked within easy reach of a computer.

In order to build investment and genuine engagement amongst the broad spectrum of staff at Chivas, we came up with an innovative teaser campaign which would play on personnel's innate curiosity.


The main deliverables for this project were:

  • User Experience Research
  • Wireframes
  • Engagement Campaign Concept
  • UI Design
  • UI Development

Teaser Campaign

Building anticipation and curiosity

I worked on a deliberately odd concept, based on the concept of a 'wild-goose chase'. This was on the foundations of a previous internal publication feature amongst the staff at Chivas, called 'Spot the Goose'.

These portraits - Gilbert McGander and Giles de Goosemont respectively - were intended as being framed posters which would be mounted on walls in offices and bottling plants, with no explanation as to their origin over a series of months.

UI Design

Modern Aesthetic

In keeping with the rest of Chivas Brothers' brands, we opted to create an immersive, highly detailed and image-led interface that showcased the brands of Chivas Brothers. It also had to be a focal point for the latest news and events which was a huge part of the engagement campaign.

The Chivas team had access to their own multimedia resource, and as such we were able to pursue more video and image content than we originally anticipated.

Content-Rich, Enjoyable Reading

Every section of the site had to be rich in content and to clearly display the Chivas image as a brand which has a complex, interesting and varied history. The brand colours of royal blue and gold had been developed from the flagship brand of Chivas Regal, and helped to add a touch of regal elegance to an otherwise modern brand.

The oft repeated matra 'content is king' really was the case on the content pages, as we designed the reading experience to be as enjoyable as possible - screen optimised type, generous line spacing and an appropriate volume of white space made the text copy and images a joy to view on tablets & phones as much as on a desktop screen.

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