End of an Era

10 Nov 2017

It’s with enormous sadness that I’ve finally reached my final day at Fat Media. I’ve spent nearly the last six years growing into a design role from humble beginnings, and I really owe what I am today through the helpfulness and mentoring of my colleagues, both past and present. Even though I’ve showered many of them with soppy emails, I thought it fitting to share a few nuggets of what I’ve learned, and my experiences, over my lengthy, happy tenure there.

I can’t stress enough how much sharing, and sharing alike, has helped refine my knowledge and skills in the wide world of design. I’ve learnt from UX Designers, Graphic Designers, Marketers, SEO Consultants, Content Writers, and Developers. It helped that I worked in an environment where everyone was more than happy to share their knowledge (and adept meme-making skills) – either through more formal channels, or ad-hoc phone calls, chats and email exchanges. Those tiny requests for information, clarification, and good old-fashioned help, have cumulated to expand my horizons in ways I never thought I’d need it.

Of course, the best part of any job should be the people. You interact with them every day, and they can either make your life a joy or a living hell. The people I’ve shared my working life with have all been absolute joys; a great bunch of happy, intelligent and incredibly hardworking people. I can only hope I’ll meet people like them over the rest of my working life.

So, goodbye my fellow Fatties, you irreplaceable rag-tag of geniuses, you.

I’ll miss you all a lot.