About Jake Atkin

I’m an enthusiastic multidisciplinary designer with a love of creative arts, typography, and the world wide web. I’m currently a Senior Designer at Fat Media, where I’ve had the good fortune to work with some great clients, and a brilliant team which delivers some truly spectacular results.

What I do

I'm most comfortable designing digital products & services, but I find the most interesting and rewarding projects are the result of being pushed out of my comfort zone. Even if you don't see something you need here, I'm always open for collaboration in other disciplines.


Interface Design

Whether you have a new product or require an update to existing assets, the interfaces I design are beautiful & functional. And of course, responsive!


User Experience

Research & strategy is fundamental to designing successful products. I taker a user-centric approach, making interfaces intuitive and a joy to use.



Effective branding is about clever & thoughtful communication. I carefully research and plan meaningful brand assets to work across print, marketing collateral and digital channels.


Product Prototyping

Exploring new ideas is a fundamental way to improve existing products and services. Prototyping allows a low cost, MVP approach to testing out new & exciting ideas.

What makes me tick

I’m a simple soul. I love good design reading (Bruno Munari has a lot to answer for), appreciate great reading in general, have a penchant for typography, am fairly accomplished at drawing, enjoy hiking in the great outdoors, love spicy food, and loathe the gym... even though I drag myself there three times a week.

Get in Touch

Have a great idea or just want to say hello? Drop me an email or message me on twitter!